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Carleton, LLC appealed a superior court order that denied its motion to vacate and set aside articles of dissolution filed by MTS Development Corporation (MTS) and that denied its renewed motion to enforce creditor status. At issue at trial was the valuation of Carleton, LLC's half ownership interest in MTS which Adrienne Balagur sought to acquire. After the trial court valued the ownership interest, Balagur moved to terminate Carleton, LLC's rights and status as a shareholder of MTS. The trial court granted this motion, and held that Carleton, LLC would be considered a creditor of MTS until it received money for the shares purchased. MTS then filed a notice of intention ot adopt article of dissolution. Carleton objected, moving to vacate or set aside the articles. Carleton argued that Adrienne Balagur's election to purchase Carleton's shares was irrevocable, and that the shareholders could not validly authorize the articles of dissolution. The trial court denied Carleton's motion, but agreed that an accounting of MTS' books and records should occur. On appeal, Carleton contended that the trial court erred in decision denying its motion and making it an MTS creditor. Finding no error, the Supreme Court affirmed the trial court's decision. View "Carleton, LLC v. Balagur" on Justia Law